Saturday, June 15, 2013

Read another southern-type book, which was Backseat Saints, by Joshilyn Jackson.  This was pretty good, though a little bit violent, considering the fact that it chronicles domestic abuse in the main character's life.  Although it was sort of a heavy read, I was glad to have experienced this book and this memorable character, who does get saved at the end.  I might read another book by the same author.

I also read Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson.  Although it was probably just a tad longer than it needed to be,  I really enjoyed the conclusion that was entertaining and well, thought provoking.  It does make you question modernity as it currently has been manifesting,  though in a somewhat heartwarming way by the end of the novel.  I would say that I liked the book.

So, back to the housecleaning.  For now.  Who actually reads this ridiculous blog anyway?