Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just finished The Casual Vacancy, by J. K. Rowling, and must say that I did find it to be quite good.  It's so very not fantasy, yet the grim reality is so tenderly portrayed that
I just wanted to give J.K. Rowling a hug.   Because the novel is so intertwined with individual stories, I cannot say much more than that about it, because it is part of the adventure of reading the book to unravel all of the fine threads of change of heart.

Okay, so I'm no J. K. Rowling, and I dropped out of college once, but it's a good book.  I'm glad that I have read it, and am left with the expression of a hug.  One of those hugs that life is so serious, but there's no having it any other way. No less significant at least.

Next up, who knows.  I think I'll read some books about yoga and exercise for awhile, with hopefully some good workouts inbetween.  Also, Rowling really does draw up memorable characters, does she not?  I wonder if she likes to exercise.

Also, because of the time of year, I might like to do some devotional reading as well.  That's for my quiet time rather than for my audacious blog.

The homework assignment now is to find and distribute a genuine hug.  With a full heart. :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I finished the last book that I mentioned, and it was pretty good, but not exactly my cup of tea.  I may not be as enamored of crime fiction as I may have suggested.

Right now it's The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling.  This involves a death by natural causes, which is easier to comprehend.

This is a thick book, but hopefully I'm up to the task.  Deactivated my Facebook account, so maybe this blog will get more attention.  Eventually I'm going to have to start making art again, much like my exercise habit.  There's just so much to do, and so little time!

Of course, I should probably tell some folks to look at this silly blog.  I think my audience is very limited, but I do love my 2 readers. :)  Hopefully they'll overlook my lack of posting.

My current cat is my new favorite.  I'll bet she wants some breakfast...