Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pure was pretty good, thought provoking as one considers the apocalypse.  What was alarming was the concept that, in the case of "detonations,"  one might become fused with the immediate environment.  It was also alarming when the idea is promoted that such a horrible act might be enacted on purpose, in an act of purification.  I hope that politicians read this book and say, like, omg.

The Gen X book has been fun to read, as I relived the music of my college years.  I'm not quite finished, but that's okay, because I mean well, right?  It astounds me that I dropped out of college, when I had such a good thing going, but I couldn't keep pace with the drinking, heartbreaking, etc.  Oh well.  I did go to another school and got degrees, but the one would have been so sweet!

Also reading Mother Teresa's biography called, "Come, be my light."  This is serving to be very interesting and inspiring, and I cannot wait to devote my time to it fully.  I'm interested in her bouts of depression, and mainly how it is that she coped, magnificently, like a saint.  This helps me to come to terms with my own terrible depression, except that I don't think that I've handled it as well, obviously.

Thankfully this silly blog is inspiring me to read books, because what could be better anyway.  Not sure what I'll read next.  I think now it's time to enjoy the holidays.  I'm somewhat annoyed that I can't really seem to figure out the pictures (that would make this somewhat cool), but since I don't really care too much, it's all alright. 

Happy thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Well, now I'm reading 2 books again.  They are: X Saves the World by Jeff Gordinier and Pure by Julianna Baggott.  It's a nice combination as I consider my usual trains of thought: the future and the past, all in terms of the happy present moment.  Really, to keep this current moment happy seems to be my primary occupation, and I hope that this is acceptable.

So the musings about Generation X are fun to read, with lots of good musical memories, except the annoying parts.  I found this book at the dollar store, one of my favorite shopping venues, because of the selection of unusual books.  I really love not the bestsellers because of the great price at the dollar store, and the not always quite belonging.

The specualtive fiction of Pure is of course thought provoking in the worrisome sense, but the story is entertaining thus far.  Let's see, I've read 54 of 431 pages.  I got this book from the public library, which also has good prices, especially if you turn stuff in on time.  I asked another lady if she had liked the book, and she said that it was all right, but obviously not her favorite.  Probably because it is somewhat gloomy.

But wow!  I can't wait until I get my act together and bind up my creative notebook in a better format than this exercise of futility, especially when I get my housecleaning done.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Pretty soon I'll figure out the pictures, hopefully.

Yum yum sweet potatoes.  The first book dates from 2008, and the second from 2012.  How fine is it that we live in the twenty-first century! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Have been thinking about the recent difficult days,  and have become so thankful for all of my happy thoughts, and for my changed disposition.

Please forgive me, anyone who witnessed my being so depressed.  I don't know why everything in the world has been so difficult for me to stomach, but it's probably because I try to think of everything in the whole world!  My lesson has been and still is to think of the goodness of the present, and just to smile. 

I'm glad that folks are recovering from the storm, and I hope that they will find smiles, too.  It's true that sometimes many don't like good wishes in the face of heartache, but I'll be hornswaggled if I ever quit taking my antidepressant again.

So it's just this little world that I love, and I hope the good cheer multiplies.  I hope that everyone will find gratefulness this holiday season. 

The blog idea really might be ridiculous for anyone as ill-disciplined as myself but maybe journaling in public is a good idea, and maybe no one will even look at this, thankfully, because of my "overcoming mopeyness" tirades of good wishes.

Talk about thankfulness!  I just read a chapter from a book about "vocation,"  and so I'm ready not only to complete my housecleaning but also to remember to be as pleasant as life itself, and to remember the blessings of this day.

The book is An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor, my new hero.  Right now would be a good place for a photo or something fabulous, but I'm still moving slowly at the blog design.  Oh well.

On my blog today I shall make the observations that I did finish two of those books I previously mentioned and that I'm a pisspoor observer of human life.  If I can figure out how to get to two previous drafts, I'll post them, and in the meantime will post this as I finish.

This is my current observation.  Really there are only a few people that are dear to us, even though there are so many of us around.  I guess it's the transformation of that fact that makes life worth living.  

It has become so hard to comment upon one's experience as a human without producing an advertisement, and for this I'm somewhat sad.  Actually very sad because I'm always trying to accurately render what is to me impossible to render.  I keep telling myself that maybe if I keep trying I'll produce something that's not an advertisement, but is in itself lovely.  Oh yeah, it's all quite lovely with the correct lens.

My glasses are tempered in such a way that I very rarely actually see a straight line, yet sort of, so I do keep trying. So it's many tries for everything.  It all seems so easy for everybody else! Maybe it does behoove me to realize that all of these dear folks are just trying, and that everybody's individual glasses make things look funny.

I don't know how much longer I'll keep up this exercise of a blog.  It would be so nice with photos.  Wish me luck, empty space and space aliens!