Friday, August 19, 2016

Normally, I don't really venture into books about the paranormal, but I made a nice little excursion with The Bone Season and The Mime Order, by Samantha Shannon.  I really don't know how to describe these books, but I will mention that there are some zombies, and I wasn't even annoyed.  The stories were not about the zombies, though, they were just about various "clairvoyant" citizens of London and their respective gangs. 

See, I really don't know how to describe these books. They are relatively recent publications, and there are to be more in the series, according to the Internet.  Sure did hold my attention, though, even though I did reckon that I don't really have any clairvoyant abilities myself.  I just try to be sweet.

Now I'm pursuing books about cleanliness and organization and time management.  You know, so I can actually lead a regular life.  My husband is on the bandwagon, too, and you should see our storage shelving for our CDs.  Although we shall update, and eventually more modernly store our music, we do still enjoy our collections.

Oh my goodness, and I did read another book!  It was so good.  The Secret Chord, by Geraldine Brooks, transported me to a very mature rendition of the life of David, our hero from the Bible.  I loved this book, and it really made me feel regular again after reading about the psychic dystopian future.  There was even supernatural activity in this book, but I did not get freaked out.

Hey, maybe I'll watch an R-rated movie this weekend!