Monday, August 3, 2015

Oh, man, The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins.  This is a fast paced thriller that keeps you guessing until the end, unless, of course, you are more clever than I, and you probably are!

Of course, many of the characters in this novel are disagreeable, but sympathies are regained by the end of the novel.  If you are really not keen on alcoholism, you might not enjoy this book, but if you  have an amount of compassion, I think that you just might muddle through.  It's written so cleverly that you really can't put it down.

What I appreciated about this novel are the women's issues of  marital infidelity, infertility and its emotional repercussions, and flat out emotional abuse in a marriage.  Of course, the women in the novel did not exactly behave very well, and actually, pretty much most of the characters were flat out nasty quite frequently.  But then again, I did feel for them by the end, after having gone through so much.

 I'm really hoping that everybody gets the help that they need!  Characters and readers, alike.  I pretty much always hope for this. :)