Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another good book

I've been reading about religion recently, and selected a somewhat indescribable book that shows how modernity plays into religion, dentistry, and baseball.  The book is To Rise Again at a Decent Hour, by Joshua Ferris.  Really, truly, this is not easily described, but is worth the read because of all the thought-provoking questions it raises and answers in a very sincere and loving way.  The angst of human existence is at the heart of this novel, recorded in the heart of a lovelorn dentist in search of answers when his identity is strategically stolen.

Because I can't really describe the nature or the meaning of this book, I can only advertise it as being a lot of fun.  The protagonist and narrator has a hilarious and sincere, though often puzzled, voice.  It becomes clear in the novel that our dear dentist struggles, and oftentimes unnecessarily.  The comedy is very entertaining, even though religion and dentistry and baseball are all very serious subjects.

The benefits of flossing are demonstrated and frequently promoted in such a kind manner that one's heart does go out to our dentist friend with the existential and theological questions.  Because I always let you know if a book is going to leave you with a heavy heart, I can only say that this one does have a satisfying conclusion, like a good teeth-cleaning or religious service, and in a similarly disciplined way. 

See, I told you it was hard to describe, and I didn't even touch the significance of baseball.