Saturday, October 10, 2015

Not reading thrillers makes my life much more complete.  I feel badly to be unusual in this way, but I just don't as much enjoy fast-paced books.  Oh well, I try to read a variety of stuff.

In order to satisfy my slowness and contemplative tastes, I recently read The Guest Cat, by Takashi Hiraide (translated by Eric Selland).  Of course I loved this book, particularly because of my affinity for cats, but it was just a lovely meditation on mortality and the precious, unique nature of life on earth. I'm thinking of offering this book for any guests in my home, though rarely do I have guests, and it does take a little while to read.  Who knows what the future holds, though, and it's good to always be prepared, right?  I do suspect that my cat has been seeing other families, so my appreciation of this book has been made all the more poignant and sweet for this reason.

This is such a pleasant read for any animal lover, and any lover of life.  Although there are sad parts, this volume does just warm the heart.  I want to lend it to my dearest ones, with a little piece of my affectionate heart included.