Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My love affair with Jojo Moyes has continued, as I read After You, the follow-up to Me Before You, that I so dearly loved.  While that was a hard book to follow, this sequel is not only inspiring, but a great and entertaining read, with romance and everything.  It did not have a super fantastic ending, but one that is ordinary yet full of promise, like life.  Thank you, Ms. Moyes for these great books.

With love on the mind still, I read another great book, Our Souls At Night, by Kent Haruf, that was not really a love story exactly, but a lovely meditation on human connection and consolation.  This was so great that I really don't want to give away too much of the story, as it is quite a lovely journey of discovery, as much for the reader as the well-drawn characters.

Now I'm delightfully reading P. D. James, The Private Patient.  I think that I really just want to be British,  but at least it does suffice to read these novels by British authors.  And I must say that the English, really do have a nice grip on the English language, unlike myself, I suppose.  Oh well, I'll just write my silly little blog, and enjoy reading.

Hopefully the weather is treating everyone all right currently!